the triago quarterly

June 2020

Tables & Team Note

Dear Reader,

As we go to press, after the fastest plunge into bear market territory ever, that bellwether stock index, the S&P 500, has just inched into positive territory for the year, and stands only 4.5 percent below its all time high in February. Arguably, that represents the most amazing V-shaped financial market recovery in history. It’s certainly a run that epitomizes the disconnect between the optimism of public markets and the anguish, angst, and sheer unpredictability unleashed by the ongoing Covid-19 Crisis.

We don’t pretend to address the truly tragic elements of the current crisis, but it’s evident in the commentary you’ll find here that Triago believes that at a time when value is particularly hard to identify in the public markets, good private equity managers offer low-risk and imaginative paths for preserving and increasing collective and individual wealth.

As always, we hope the information found here helps you make the right business and investment decisions.

Sincerely, The Triago Team

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